Tap Repeatedly


Tap Repeatedly is unlike most video game commentary sites. While most review sites focus on ratings, Tap seeks to promote the ethereal realm of video games as an artform focusing on storytelling and the emotional response.

HeddHunter Creative wanted to create a clean and vibrant website to let the games pop while making the site easily navigable and readable.

Benchmark Design Studio


Benchmark is one of Ann Arbor's premiere design and print shops

HeddHunter Creative was hired by Benchmark to create an elegant looking site that matched their beauty with their professionalism

The Allergy Table


The Allergy Table is an allergy-free bakery located in Rochester, Michigan. HeddHunter Creative was hired to build and brand a website to create an information portal for their bakery menu and social media communication.

Rob Pasick


Rob Pasick is a local Executive Coach who was looking for an overhaul of his website as well as a marketing and social media strategy. HeddHunter Creative helped create a vision and design to improve all three aspects while helping to increase his reach to potential customers.

Servant Systems


Servant Systems is a software development and integration firm that provide software solutions to a wide variety of businesses. HeddHunter Creative brought a clean business design and clear Information Architecture to help potential clients understand what Servant Systems can provide them.